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Title: Pride and Glory Wrestling Staff
Post by: Emma on July 15, 2009, 10:18:50 pm
PGW is founded first and formost by Jeremy (Jer), wth his help/significant other/whatever he calls her, being Emma. The two oversee everything that goes on in the boards, from signups to results to Out of character banter/chat.

The easiest way to contact the staff is via PM. Both check the forums daily (though apparently Emma's a board **** and checks multiple times a day just to be safe). If you want their MSN/other IM services, PM THEM FOR IT!

IM services used by Jer

IM services used by Emma


IN CHARACTER, the fed s owned by husband/wife pair of Emma and Liam McIntyre. Both are heel. Emma considers herself fair, and will stand up openly for those she feels deserve it, but will give a bit more lee-way to those she likes. Liam does what he thinks is best, regardless of whether the fans like it.

there is no GM; the pair believe that they can handle everything themselves, as they can handle everything else on their own.

Ring Announcer, commetary team etc to be announced once shows get underway.